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How do you open bottles? Not the ones with those twist-off caps, but the ones with old-fashioned caps. Chances are that you've found yourself holding such a bottle at least once at a party and you've tried your best to look cool while using all manner of improvised tools to remove the cap. Forks, knives, pennies, fingernails, and of course your teeth. And all of them failed (maybe getting damaged in the process). Why not save your fingernails and teeth from getting chipped by investing in a bottle opener?


The Bartender's Bottle Opener features

  • stainless steel
  • a sleek design that's comfortable to hold
  • your business logo, advertising slogan, or custom artwork laser engraved


The Bartender's Bottle Opener makes a wonderful promotional giveaway item for any business that manufactures or distributes bottled beverages.

Engraved Bartender's 7" Bar Key (Bottle Opener)

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