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A beautiful laser-cut Christmas ornament made from your choice of wood or acrylic. This ornament is designed to capture the essence of the holiday season. At the very top of the ornament, there's an intricate laser-cut angel, delicately hovering with outstretched wings, symbolizing peace and hope.


Below the angel, the ornament features a unique design where the names of your loved ones are elegantly stacked by width. The widest name is placed at the bottom, and each subsequent name is slightly narrower, creating a visually pleasing cascading effect. 


To add a personal touch and commemorate the year, the bottom of the ornament proudly displays the current year, also laser-cut. This not only makes it a lovely decoration for your Christmas tree but also a wonderful keepsake to remember the holiday season by.


The combination of laser-cutting and engraving allows for intricate details and a perfect finish, making this ornament a true work of art.

Laser Cut Names Christmas Ornament

PriceFrom $15.00
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