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Many of you know my best buddy, Deputy. He’s a 12 year old cross between a registered blue heeler and a registered border collie and he’s the smartest, most loyal dog I’ve ever had. When Becky and I went to look for a dog, Deputy and his litter mates were about 6 weeks old and while all of the others were running and jumping around trying to get our attention, Deputy was curled up in a back corner being all timid and withdrawn. I instantly chose him because I understood him very well - he was a reflection of my early years. We quickly bonded and have been best buddies ever since. He loves his daily long walks, and he can chase a ball all day long.


I learned late last month that Deputy had a large mass tumor on his liver. The vet took a biopsy and it was confirmed to be cancer but she said that if your dog has to have cancer, this is the one to pick because it rarely spreads, and when it’s on the liver there is a high success rate when removing it. He has surgery scheduled for next week (March 20th) to have it removed. I was devastated when I first got the news, but after the talk with the vet, I’m encouraged that God will answer my many prayers and will give Deputy some additional time to share with me.


So here I am, putting together a program to sell some specially designed, 20 ounce, vacuum insulated, travel mugs that commemorate an incident that has never before occurred here in the past 100 years (so I’m told) and is not supposed to happen again here for another 100 years (so I’m told again) - the 2024 Total Eclipse of the Sun on April 8, 2024!


Check out the photo . . . I have 5 different designs put together to remember the eclipse, and they are on black mugs because when the moon covers the sun, it’s gonna get black outside (kinda). My business is purchasing the tumblers and 100% of the sales will go towards Deputy’s surgery. The tumblers are $25 each.

Save Deputy - 20oz Eclipse Travel Tumbler


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